OOPS Steam Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned carpet cleaning company in Houston TX. We proudly offer the best carpet cleaning process along with highly trained workers and competitive set pricing. We are the most trust worthy, eco friendly & professional steam carpet cleaning company in Houston.
We use pure saturated steam for deep cleaning of floor and carpet. The steam comes from custom-built carpet cleaning machines mounted on our Oops Steam vans which powerfully extracts moisture, dirt, bacteria and other unwanted debris from your carpets forever.
CARPET STEAM CLEANING - Using steam allows a better cleaning without having to use any chemical, instead, before we steam the carpet, we apply a citrus based cleaning solution (all natural you can drink it if you wanted to). Our qualified steam cleaning technicians will arrive to your home on our carpet cleaning vehicles which are equipped with the latest and most effective carpet cleaning machines in the industry for the best performance in carpet care.
ECO-FRIENDLY CARPET CLEANING - Oops Steam Cleaning is proud to be one of the small group of carpet cleaning companies that cares about your health and the environment. We use a citric based cleaning solution to clean carpet, area rugs, curtains, upholstery and tile floor, that you can even drink, instead of a harm chemical or shampoo that simulate clean by strong chemical smells, living residues behind and can attract more dirt after cleaning.

Steam kills allergens at home penetrating deeply into your carpet fibers. Not to mention, carpet steam cleaning is the #1 carpet cleaning method clinically recommended to anyone specially those who suffer asthma and allergies.


We're not just a carpet cleaning company, but we also offer array of other cleaning and restoration services such as natural stone cleaning, tile cleaning, air duct cleaning, water damage restoration, drapery cleaning and more.
Our professional Tile and Grout Cleaning sanitizes and breaks free, successfully, all the dirt and grime that has built up over the years. Our floor care experts can remove grease, dry soil or anything that can harm the tile and grout lifespan. Tile and grout cleaning service includes a treatment for stains, heavy mildew and grime, no need of chemicals. The tile cleaner we use is 100% green, completely natural and safe for everyone at home.

Natural Stone Cleaning Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone and Slate

We're certified technicians to clean and restore all kind of natural stone floors such as marble, and travertine. Natural stone restoration includes polishing and sealing stone floors or countertops.
Natural stone floors require a special treatment which is provide by floor care experts. An inspection will be needed to proceed with either cleaning, polishing or sealing service you may need, since the current condition of the natural stone floor is an important issue to address.
See more details about our Houston Natural Stone Services or call us for a free in-person estimate now!
All natural stone will lose some of its original lustre over a period of time. Natural Stone specialists at Oops Steam Cleaning can help you to bring back the great look of natural stone floors and countertops.

stone cleaning and restoration service

Natural Stone Polishing Service

A polished finish on the stone has a glossy surface that reflects light and emphasizes the color and marking of the natural stone's properties.

Natural Stone Sealing Service

Sealing stone prevent common accidents damage the surface of your natural stone tile floor providing an invisible barrier against spills or anything sharp.

Natural Stone Honing Service

Honed finish is very scratch resistant recommended for Marble floors, because it lacks the glossy surface of a polished marble and reflects smooth, satin-feel and less slippery.


Oops Steam Cleaning goes beyong from carpet cleaning companies.

Carpet Cleaners in Houston

Technicians are background checked and constantly drug screened. They are highly trained workers with years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. We care who is around your loved ones and your home.

Eco Friendly & Pet Friendly Steam Carpet Cleaning

Oops Steam Carpet Cleaning truly clean carpet and leaves no residue behind. All-natural treatment for carpet, upholstery and tile rinsed out with real steam. Safe for children, eldery and pets.

Residential & Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning

Oops Steam Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide an all-natural cleaning process for commercial carpet cleaning in the greater Houston area. All services are offer for residential and commercial purposes.

Professional Carpet Care & Repairs

We are dedicated to serve you with the most high quality cleaning, getting the best result.

Our Services


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning service is effective and non-toxic, keeping your carpet deeply clean and looking great.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

We clean ceramic and porcelain tile floor breaking down heavy dirt build-up.


Upholstery Cleaning

We offer steam cleaning for upholstery cleaning (most fabric furniture) even dry cleaning for particular furniture items.


Carpet Repairs

Carpet repair can mean simple seam repair, carpet stretching, or patching and that may be all that is needed to bring back the great look of your carpet.


Natural Stone Cleaning

We are certified technicians to clean and restore all kinds of natural stone floors such as marble, and travertine. Natural stone restoration includes polishing and sealing stone floors and counter-tops.


Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct requires constant maintenance, we use a rotating brush tool to get your dryer vents cleaned properly and reduced allergens in your home.


Air Duct Cleaning Specialists

Oops Steam Cleaning is a reliable air duct cleaning in Houston TX specialists. Highly trained technicians with innovative equipment for a satisfying air duct cleaning service. We offer professionalism and dedication for a high-quality air duct cleaning experience. You can trust our professional Houston dryer vent cleaning for residential and commercial settings.
Air ducts can be contaminated not only by dust, but also fungi and mold. We perform professional air duct cleaning and effective treatment for mold removal if it’s needed. Click for tips on How to know if air ducts have a mold issue? Or call us for a free in-home estimate.
If you haven’t had your air duct system cleaned in a quite some time, we encourage you to call an expert at Oops Steam Cleaning for a professional air duct cleaning service. We will improve air quality and the proper functioning of your air duct system.

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Eco Friendly & Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning Company

Oops Steam Cleaning offers steam cleaning for carpet, upholstery, tile and grout as well as area rug cleaning and air duct cleaning. If what you need is a carpet repair then we still being the company to call.

We are a professional carpet cleaning company that proudly services The Woodlands, Cypress, Humble, Katy, Richmond and more metro areas around Houston, TX. We can service anyone that needs a high quality cleaning experience by trust-worthy technicians.

Check out more cleaning services here. We also clean, polish and seal any natural stone floor.

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Oops Steam Cleaning proudly services Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Call us to schedule or for a free quote. We are available during our business hours.

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